A Crochet Question for YOU! (Sunday Smiles)


Call me crazy, but vintage doily patterns make me smile! Do you know what else makes me smile? You fellow crochet lovers out there! And do you know another thing that makes me smile? Combining things that make me smile to make me smile even more! Can you see where this is going?

I've been thinking lately about how I've been neglecting the crochet part of my blog, and would love to do something that would involve you, my dear readers. Does some sort of crochet-along, perhaps involving a doily or some other technique that you would like to learn or improve upon, that we could all walk through together, sound like fun? Maybe you've always wanted to try a doily but find it intimidating or find the vintage directions hard to read? Maybe you'd like to try a vintage motif like the one in the picture above that I have started?

So I'd love any input and ideas from you guys, and maybe we can all crochet something together! Christmas is just around the corner...

Happy Sunday my lovely friends!


  1. What a good idea to have a crochet-along! Something to make that I haven't tried yet! Vintage sounds fun!
    Yes, I have missed the crochet part of your posts, that's what lured me here in the first place!

  2. good idea, but I warn you : I will use only hooks from 4mm up !!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxxx ale

  3. Sounds fun, Kate :-) I have missed your crocheting news. I just started a doily but am loving the technique. I'm game for any kind of crochet along.

  4. Let's make vintage doily bowls! I am about to start the stiffening process on a doily that I just hooked. Ale, I used 5mm hook+drops paris cotton!

  5. Great idea Kate! I would be interested in anything! I still struggle with reading charts for some reason.

  6. Yes, I vote for any kind of doily-ing, and especially if I can learn to read charts!


    1. Great!! A tutorial with charts is a great idea Pearl! I think I may have to do a second crochet-along with a chart, as I think I've already picked out a pattern for this first one :)
      Kate :}


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