Take It or Weave It


Inspired by this post by Trish of genuine mudpie, I decided to finally give weaving a try!  Thanks Trish!


At first I was going to use a paper plate like Trish did, but I remembered I had a set of knitting looms, (my back up plan if my real knitting doesn't pan out), that I thought could work!  I wove some baker's twine back and forth around the loom, and started to weave in some little bits of left over yarn.  


At first I didn't think it was going to work because the middle looked pretty bad and messy. I think there were too many strands of thread overlapping in the center.  But I kept going and it began to grow on me as the center started to look a bit like a heart.


Since the middle wasn't perfect to begin with, I decided it needed a little bit of an imperfect look.  Every once in awhile I would weave over or under two strands of thread instead of going every other.  It was easy to just add in new colors as I went, leaving the yarn tails hanging in the back to sew in after.


Oh my, I match my weaving... or my weaving matches my clothes...  One would think I might like these colors or something...


When it got to be about coaster size I cut the loops of thread off the pegs.  However, I made the mistake of cutting them all off before I started to tie the strings together...  I started to lose the last row of yarn!  Panic ensued, I had to fight with it a bit, and then I ended up tying some of the strings tighter than others.  What was I thinking?!  I wasn't, which was the problem.  Never craft when you're hungry (or tired)!  It's just a recipe for disaster!!  I should have cut one loop, tied the two strings together, and then cut the next loop.  Oh well, now I know.


I sewed in all the yarn tails on the back, and was about to sew in the little pieces of baker's twine... but for some reason I just liked the string hanging out around the outside of the coaster all hibbly-bibbly like!  (Yeah, that's probably not a real word.)  Just perfect for tea time don't you think?

I also second Trish's idea of a weaving party!  I think it's relaxing, and anyone could do it!  The really cool thing is you don't need fancy equipment; a paper plate works beautifully, as would a board some some nails.  Now I think I want to try weaving something in a rectangle or square shape...  Oooo what about a rug!?  (Or maybe since I have the knitting looms out, I should give them a try!  So many crafts so little time!)  Who else would be up for a weaving party?


  1. Kate I love it!!! Such a beautiful craft!!!
    I have to try it, too!!!
    tooo many things on the "to do list" right now.....!!!! And you know, partly, even why!!! ;oD
    happy weekend, xxx Alessandra

  2. You look as if you're really having fun and enjoying weaving!
    A weaving party sounds great too! I love creative get-togethers. Sadly, none of my friends enjoy crafting!

  3. Cutest post title EVER!! I think a woven rug would be fantastic.

    Man, Kate, you keep giving me things I need to learn to do. I'm now adding weaving to my list after embroidery.

    P.S. I love how color coordinated your posts are... even your outfit matches the project!

  4. This looks great! I always visit you and get ideas for things I REALLZ MUST try out!!! :-)

  5. have a knitting loom at home and do not use it great idea will use it to do some weaving

  6. I love your weaved coaster ... especially with the strands of yarn all the way around! I'll have to try this after I finish my mermaid blanket! Wanda

    1. Thank you! A mermaid blanket sounds fantastic!
      Happy crafting!
      Kate :}


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