Hey Jute, Don't Make it Bad


I've been emailing back and forth with my sister in Brooklyn about Thanksgiving.  When we hear "holiday dinner," we immediately think of the table and the crafting opportunities...  We've already come up with some colors and elements we'd like to incorporate and Gin has even set up a Thanksgiving '12 Inspiration board on Pinterest.  I also thought I could share our projects and ideas with you as we go!


Since we're planning on making a burlap table runner, I thought "hey, some placemats crocheted from jute rope could go perfectly!"  I bought some jute and started experimenting...  This is when I realized that my tendency for going a little too far with an idea was really kicking in.  I had to have a talk with myself.

"Ok crazy lady, you would have to make FIFTEEN placemats, which doesn't really fit in time-wise with all the other projects you have going, and you would need a butt-load of jute... How about making a few trivets for the food dishes instead?"  

"Oh, ok..."


So, with my size L (8.0 mm) hook, I crocheted some simple circles and and one granny square.  The granny square turned out a bit wonky, but I really like the circles!


The largest circle (my favorite), which I double crocheted in the back loops for some texture, turned out to be 9 inches in diameter.  The other two circles and the granny square are about 7 inches in diameter.


These four trivets were all I got out of the one 3 ply skein I bought (but since I can't find the wrapper I can't tell you how much was in the skein). It was pretty fun making these even if it did take a bit of muscling.  I was afraid the jute would tear up my hands, but it was surprisingly soft!

So now I have a little start on our Thanksgiving project, and I'll keep you updated!


  1. You are going for a rustic look this year for your Thanksgiving decorations. It's always nice to change style and textures, I agree! I like the textured look too by working in just the back loops. It looks nice on ripples or chevron too.
    We had snow and cold winds yesterday and I used the weather conditions beautifully to go ahead with a new cushion project for a Christmas gift! Have a creative and exciting week!

  2. Okay two things: 1. that blog post title is HILARIOUS, and 2. these look amazing! Especially the picture with the pottery on the big circle. It's pure bliss :) Oh, by the way where do you buy jute rope?

  3. that is an original and fab idea!!!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  4. Very pretty. I'm surprised your hands aren't sore, though!!! Looking forward to seeing the thanksgiving projects.....

  5. What a clever idea! I love how yours turned out :D I've just started crocheting, so the rope granny square looks like something I could definitely have a go at. Now to get my hands on some rope...

    1. Thanks! I found the rope in a craft store in the jewelry making section...
      Kate :}

  6. They look great and will bring a natural element to the holiday table. Don't even know if I can find jute around here. Have a great week. Tammy

  7. Jute is just $1.00 a ball at Dollar stores.....bargoons


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