I've scheduled this post ahead of time seeing as how we'll most likely lose power due to Frankenstorm...  This picture is from Monday afternoon when it has just started to sprinkle and the wind has picked up a little. Hope everyone who's in its path stays safe!!!


  1. love the photo!!
    how is everything? windy? roaring? quiet?
    xxx Ale

  2. Well the atmosphere of this shot is in keeping with the Frankenstorm which is so in the news right now. I've been watching regular bulletins on the CNN TV channel.
    I hope that all is well with you and that everyone you know in the danger areas is safe.

  3. Oh no! We've been seeing lots of footage on the news. I hope you manage to avoid it - looks scary!
    Stay safe.....

  4. Spooky. We've had a bit of the storm passing through here too. I hope you keep your power.


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