What's in a Name?

So why "Signed With an Owl?"

Well, I was really drawn to the whole owl movement when it started several years ago.  It felt very familiar and reminded me of something.  At first I couldn't put my finger on it, but I started to realize it reminded me of my grandma's house.  There's an owl clock in the bathroom, two owls hanging over the fireplace, two owl mugs in her bedroom and they've all been there as long as I can remember.  I had seen them so much that they had just become part of the house.  When you're so used to seeing something all the time it's easy to forget that it's even there.

I then started making felt owls, which inevitably led to a resurgence of crafting in my life.  Everyone was giving me things with owls on them... bags, clothes, notebooks, little figurines...  I'm even sitting on my bed with owl sheets on it right now.  No joke.

When I was in my paper making and card making phase I started using an owl stamp that was given to me.  I would stamp blank white stickers with it, put my initials by the owl, and put them on the backs of all my home made cards.  (And I of course still do this.)

One day Gram was talking to me about my cards and she said "you do know why you do that don't you?"

I said, "what?"

Well, my grandpa used to sign his name on things with an owl he drew.  He died when I was twelve, but I had no idea about this!!  I guess he started drawing his owl when he was in high school, and drew it everywhere.  (People started giving him lots of owl things too.)  For a few years my grandma kept telling me she'd find me something that he'd drawn it on.  Just recently she found a wooden scrapbook he had made after he got home from the war.  He had painted his owl right on the front cover.  I can't even describe how incredible it was to finally see it.  I sketched his owl from the scrapbook and am waiting for something special to use it for.

Anyways, I thought the fact that he used to sign his name with an owl too was a very special kind of synchronicity.  Hence, "Signed With an Owl."

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