Sunday Smiles

(Another doily from this chart!)

Why am I smiling today?  It's Mother's Day, and I probably wouldn't have this blog if it weren't for my mom.  She has encouraged and supported my artistic and creative endeavors since I was little.  When I was twelve she got me crafting and stitching with our elderly neighbor (and all of her friends on their weekly, I suppose nowadays you'd call it, "stitch and bitch").  In high school when I wanted to paint my bedroom walls with Keith Haring inspired paintings she got me the paint.  For our recent holiday dinners she puts up with my obsessive compulsion to make things for our table, and has also helped. She would tell you that she's not crafty or artistic, but don't believe her.  I had to have gotten it from her!  Happy Mother's Day mom, I love you and thanks for being the best!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the rest of you moms and caregivers too!!!


  1. What a beautiful doily and a lovely sounding Mum you have. How wonderful for you to be encouraged all the way! I'm sure you had a perfect day yesterday on Mother's Day.


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