Wednesday, April 20, 2016

HST Baby Blanket


Here's another baby gift I made for my friend. I'm such a sucker for half square triangles...


I made this from LittleDoolaly's crochet pinwheel cushion pattern, just like I did for this blanket. I just made the squares a couple of rounds larger. I forgot to measure, but I think they were about 9.5 inches. For the yarn, I used Baby Bee Sweet Delight in Angel, Toy Elephant, Boo Pink, Lil Princess, Banana, Pooltime and Infant Teal. (I believe those are the colors, as I lost a couple of the yarn tags, oops). I liked how light and soft the yarn was! I also used a size G (4mm) hook. 

I loved how quickly it came together, how it felt, and how it looked! I was going for a mix of modern and traditional... what did you think?

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  1. Baby blankets are so gratifying to make, aren't they. They are small enough not to get discouraged and big enough to give us really nice crochet project satisfaction! I think the style you have used here looks very modern to me, perhaps due to the choice of colours.


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