Sunday Smiles


Did you all have a great weekend? Mine certainly flew by, but I was able to take a walk out on the lake today and enjoy the sun and not-so-cold weather! I also spent a little time experimenting with some crochet after being inspired by some vintage quilt blocks. Fingers crossed, but I think it's working!

Earlier in the week I was really excited because The Boxtrolls came out on dvd. I had really wanted to see it in the theater, but it didn't happen, so I couldn't wait to get it! The movie was made by Laika which made Coraline and ParaNorman (both of which I loved). It's cute, funny, and I just love the fact that it's stop motion animation! It's amazing to watch and realize that everything you are looking at was made by hand, and the characters were moved for every frame... And it had a nice message too!

As a tie into the Sunday Smiles from two weeks ago, the day I got the dvd, I ended up seeing an older episode of Treehouse Masters where they made a Boxtrolls treehouse! Well, there was no question; I had to watch the movie that night!

I hope you have a week full of smiles my friends!


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