Sunday Smiles


I'm hoping this doesn't sound shallow, but there's a tv show that really makes me smile. I don't watch a lot of tv, (and I try to keep the amount of time spent watching the news down to a minimum as it tends to bring me down), but I just love Treehouse Masters. Have you seen it?! This show makes me smile for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I just love treehouses. I don't have one, but a treehouse would be my dream house. I think my love of them started after I saw The Swiss Family Robinson as a kid! There's just something so fun and exciting about them, not to mention the close relationship they have to nature! If you've been around here for a little while, it's no shocker that I'm a big fan of trees.

Another reason I love this show, is you get to watch the creative process. Creating custom works of art is like fun problem solving. Or at least I think so! It's fun to see what Pete Nelson (the host of the show) designs up after seeing the trees he has to work with on the property, and what the clients want, adding such personal touches that perfectly tailor the treehouses to the clients.

Watching Pete Nelson in general is just fun. (I apologize for you using the word "fun" so much!) He is so upbeat, enthusiastic, excited, and obviously loves what he's doing. It's very inspiring to watch someone who's following their bliss.

What about you? Are you as obsessed with treehouses as I am? What tv shows make you smile?

Hope you all have a fun week!


  1. Hi Kate, I see I'm behind in my blog visits and you are so prolific in your postings that I can't always keep up!
    I love your tree picture and your TV programme called Treehouse Masters sounds lovely. Yes, I also watch TV programmes that make me laugh and feel good (why watch the others?!) I can't give you any names because you won't have the same programmes!
    Live is too short to dwell on the negative, isn't it?!


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