Sunday Smiles


I made a similar print to the picture above and framed it for my dad for Father's Day.  Instead of saying "Happy Father's Day," it has a motivational quote that is perfect for the woodshop, and reflects my dad's work ethic and humor.  I'll keep it clean here, but in more colorful language it says, "Get [Stuff] Done."

If it weren't for my dad, I wouldn't have gotten nearly as much crafty "stuff" done as I have, or learned nearly as much as I have, and wouldn't still be learning as much as I am!  If you take a look at my woodworking tag, you can see some of the stuff I'm talking about (and also see some projects just he himself has made)!

Happy Father's Day to the most creative and inspirational dad I know!  I love you!!

(I probably should have printed a couple of those motivational quotes...  I could stand to have his little motto in other places that I'd see everyday!)


  1. How lovely to have such an encouraging and gifted dad who has taught you so much in woodworking. He is your inspiration! He must have appreciated the framed picture you made for him with words that appeal to his sense of humour!


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