Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Filet Crochet


After my first foray into filet crochet (hey, that kind of rhymes!), I was itching for more.  Thank goodness for birthdays, right?  I made these coasters plus two more doilies for my sister.  The teal thread that I used for her other doily was just begging to be used a little more...  I could not refuse.


The crochet specifics on the coasters above: size 10 thread (Aunt Lydia's in colors Natural and Peacock), 1.5mm hook, pattern from HERE, and Ravelry pattern page HERE.


The crochet specifics on these doilies: size 10 thread (Aunt Lydia's in colors Natural and Peacock), 1.5mm hook, pattern from Japanese crochet book which you can find HERE.



I just love the simplicity in the designs of these pieces!  At some point I'd like to sit down with some graph paper and come up with my own filet crochet designs!

For you crocheters out there, do you like filet work or have any favorite patterns?


  1. I really like these new filet pieces you have made. I especially like the dark turquoise and the pattern you used. It would be rather lovely to design your own filet patterns.
    Nice to see you back, Kate!

  2. I'm a huge fan of thread crochet yet for some reason I still haven't tried filet! It's certainly on my "to do" list - as is the idea of designing my own little pattern. I just bought a whole note book of graph paper hummmm.... could be my nest project!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh yay! It's definitely easy once you learn how the charts are read and once you figure out the math in determining the chains for the first row! I'd love to see or hear about how your filet goes when you get to it!
      Kate :}


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