WIP Sunday

Circle Motif and Scarf

Today as I continued to plug away on my geometric afghan, I put light blue, teal and coral together, and really liked them.  A little while later I realized they were similar to the colors in a scarf I bought last week.  It made me wonder if I subconsciously put the colors together because I love my new scarf, or if I bought the scarf and put the three colors together because I just really love those colors together...  Or maybe it was purely coincidental.  Do you ever do something like this?


  1. I just love your new crochet project and the colours are really lovely and vibrant together. I think you must just like those colours - I have my favourite colours too and find them appearing quite regularly in my crochet and crafts. I love the pattern of the geometric afghan, it's so unusual and very effective.

  2. I do that too. However it happened, the crochet and the scarf are beautiful/

  3. I am totally digging those colour together and the scarf looks gorgeous too. I tend to do that as well, subconsciously pick some colours and then later on realise that I pulled my favourite colour combinations again :)

    I so look forward to see the Afghan in all its glory!

  4. What a gorgeous colour combination! And such a beautiful scarf! I do this sort of thing all the time. At the moment, for example, I'm obsessing over yellow and grey! I am desperate to make myself a yellow and grey dress, but haven't found the perfect fabric yet.


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