Neon Instagram
Neon paint makes me a happy panda!
Instagram has come to Android phones!!  I've been so curious about this app since I don't have an iphone, which is funny because I have a macbook and an ipod and love them both...  But anyways, I just started playing around with it and think it could be a great way to practice photo composition since it's a camera that's always with me.

Do you guys have Instagram, and what are your thoughts on it?


  1. I did not know this, and am so happy now!!!

  2. I have read about Instagram on other blogs ( I'm afraid it's no use to me, though. My phone (embarrassingly) cost 20 Euros (and came with 10 Euros free credit)!!! ;-)
    Happy Easter, Kate!

  3. I now have 4 photo taking apps on my Android. I kept hearing of this Instagram. I downloaded it, took some snaps, tried the different settings (which I think they should have more). I made my account name etc. Then realised you can browse/search for others like "crochet" and there are tons. You can follow others with similar interests upon approval and vice versa. Share with FB or twitter friends. So far I'm loving it. I do have another app called Vignette (full version) that has many more different effects to apply to your photos and use that frequenly. Overall, loving Instagram.

    1. Cool, I'll definitely have to try searching "crochet!" I LOVE Vignette, and have found that it's fun taking Vignette pictures into Instagram and adding more filters!

  4. I cannot WAIT to get a smartphone and Instagram is one of my first planned apps - sad because I am a photographer!


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