Squares and Rosettes Table Runners

Squares and Rosettes Table Runner

I love looking through vintage pattern books, because there's often really neat patterns that could be altered to give them a little modern update.  I did just that for my Aunt's birthday, making a table runner from a 1970's tablecloth pattern.

Squares and Rosettes 4

My Grandmother gave my sister and I her Make It Yourself, the Complete Step-By-Step Library of Needlework and Crafts books.  I LOVE looking through these volumes!  This particular pattern was in Volume 18.

Squares and Rosettes 3

As for the crochet specifics, I used size 3 thread and a size C hook.  The squares were joined as you crocheted, and then the rosettes were crocheted into the spaces between the squares.  After the crocheting was done, I blocked it out, which really made a difference.

Squares and Rosettes 2

By making it seven squares by three squares I think it turned out about 35 inches long.

Mini Squares and Rosettes Table Runner

I also made my cousin a mini version in purple.

Mini Squares and Rosettes 4

Mini Squares and Rosettes 2

Mini Squares and Rosettes 3

I was really pleased with how they turned out!!  And I just love having those old craft books at my disposable for ideas and inspiration!


  1. They look amazing. You've done a great job with both of them! Love the purple btw.

    1. Thanks! I liked the purple too, and thought it would look good on any color table or dresser!

  2. What lovely intricate work on those table runners. I love the purple one and the way you've arranged the flower patterns in the middle - I find that it gives a more modern, upbeat look to the pattern and yet respects the vintage look too. Great job!
    I love those old pattern books and have some too!

  3. Wow!!! You're so talented, Kate! What gorgeous, intricate work! Well done you!!!
    It's the weekend - have a good one!!!

  4. Another fine display of your mad skills! :)

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I remember crocheting similar things in the 70s when I was a teenager. Lovely to see these patterns making a comeback!


    1. Thank you, and I agree with you about the patterns coming back!!

  6. Thanks again for my purple one! I can't wait to use it & shows it off.


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