Introduction to Photo-Tuesday

Green Powerlines

I thought it might be fun to try a weekly series here on the blog.  So once a week, on the now coined "Photo-Tuesday," I'm going to share a photo that I feel is more creative in and of itself rather than a photo of something I made.  Why Tuesday?  I feel like Tuesday is the left out day of the week.  Monday gets a bad rap, Wednesday is Hump Day, Thursday is the new Friday, Friday has TGIF, and then there's the weekend.  What does Tuesday have?  Nothing until now.  (Ok, fine. "Photo-Tuesday" just sounded the best.)

I will also try to make sure that the photos represents my design aesthetic so that they blend well with the overall look of the blog...  or at least that's the plan.  I want to avoid the blog looking like just a craft blog with random photos.  

So welcome to Photo-Tuesday!  This is a picture of some power lines that I took with my phone using the Vignette app, and then Instagram for another filter.  It is so simple, yet it makes me very happy.


  1. Well now, I'm enjoying your new Photo-Tuesday! It sounds like a great plan and it's nice to innovate. That colour green is just gorgeous (I am a green fan, especially the ones with a hint of blue like this one). I love the way the colour isn't uniform and has a hint of a darker tone in the corners. I love the diagonals of the power lines, they create a power-full image. Good job!

  2. Photo Tuesday sounds fab, my Bloggin' Tuesdays need a pick me up... would you consider making this into a meme? :D Lovely photograph!

  3. I love Photo Tuesday already! What a super idea, Kate!
    I'd never heard of the phrase 'Hump Day' until a Canadian friend of ours (I guess it's a North American thing) started saying it to us at school (work) every Wednesday. Me and Simon would be really shocked:
    a) that she was so open about her 'relationship' (in front of everyone in the staffroom)
    b) that her and her husband such a strict weekly 'routine'
    We get it now, and have started saying the same every Wednesday!
    It's almost the weekend - yippeeeeee!!!

  4. I so agree with you about the days of the week.
    I love your photo!

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, Tuesday needs more love!


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