Attack of the Neon Dinosaurs!!

Neon Dinos 1

Raaawwrrrr!!!  Have I gone a bit neon mad?  Perhaps.  And what says "photo holders" more than neon dinosaurs?  Nothing that I can think of!

Neon Dinos 2

So I had this crazy idea to take toy dinosaurs, paint them dip-dyed style with neons and cut a slit in their backs, thus turning them into photo holders.  And I think I succeeded!

Birthday Neon Dinos

I made them for my friend Sam's birthday, and she's going to take them into work for her cube.  In the basket behind the dinosaurs in the picture is my sister's gift to her, which was a The Secret Garden (the book) themed gift.  How fun!?  The basket was full of flowery things like a scarf, hat, necklace, umbrella... and the book of course!

Neon Calendar
(Here's the dinosaurs pre band saw and neonization)

I also made Sam a set of apartment calendar blocks like the ones I made my sister for her birthday.  Of course this set was neon and of course I forgot to take pictures of the finished blocks before they got wrapped...  The picture above gives you somewhat of an idea what the blocks looked like, but it really doesn't do the neon colors any justice...  You'll just have to take my word that they turned out pretty sweet!  But I think she really liked everything, and hopefully she won't need sunglasses to look at her calendar blocks!


  1. Ha! Laughed at the sunglasses comment! How the heck do you get the line between the neon and the white so crisp?! It seems like it would be messier than it is! Great job and I bet Sam loved them!

  2. Love the dinos!!! You've magiced them from ugly and scary to cute and fun!!!


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