I'm Dreaming of a Dip-Dyed Easter...

Dip-Dyed Easter

The problem with being forty-five minutes to an hour away from a craft store is, well, that IS the problem!  I can't just jump in the car willy nilly (yes, I just said "willy nilly") for a trip like that to get a few things, especially with the gas prices as they are.  This, in combination with the fact that once I get an idea in my head it's nearly impossible to get out, causes me to be a sad panda.  In this case, a sad panda in dire need of super bright colors to fulfill her dream of an Easter table decked out in dip-dyed deliciousness.

Dip-Dyed Bunny 1

Solution?  Make do with what I have.  After staring at my threads and embroidery floss looking for the colors I have in mind, I finally gave up and realized that the only colors I have and like are in worsted weight yarn.  So I figure I should just start there, and try out this super cute pattern I found on Ravelry.

Dip-Dyed Bunny 2

Using some Vanna's Choice yarn with a size G hook, I added the color changes to create my current obsession, the dip-dyed look.  I also placed the eyes and nose a little differently than the pattern to better fit his bright look.  I think he turned out pretty darn cute!

While working on the bunny, I thought that maybe using the same yarn and size hook (which is smaller hook than I usually use with this particular yarn), I could make an Easter doily centerpiece after all.  If the stitches are small and tight enough, it may not look like an afghan was slapped on the table.

Dip-Dyed Doily 1

I made it with this pattern which I absolutely love!!  (I used this pattern last year for placemats for our Mad Hatter Tea Party, which, if you have a Ravelry, you can see on the pattern page.)  Again, I can't say how much I love charted patterns, and if you've never tried one, I think this would be a great first one to try!  The only thing I did differently was slip stitched into the first ch1 space at the beginning of each round.  (If you ever try this pattern, and run into problems, I'd be happy to help!)

Dip-Dyed Doily 2

So I feel like I made a little bit of a start with my dip-dyed plans...  We'll see how much more I can do!  I suppose living so far from a decent craft store could have an upside; it forces one to be a bit more creative with what's on hand!


  1. The little bunny is cute - and the doily is pretty. You've created a very nice Easter centerpiece. :)

  2. Oh he is so cute! I have had that pattern saved for while now always promising myself I'd do it. Well, you have totally inspired me to get the hook out and get me some bunny love going :)

  3. I LOVE these little cute bunnies!
    The face on yours is just the sweetest, too!
    Gorgeous doily also, my lovely!

  4. AWWW! I wanna snuggle that bunny right now! Another great display of your skills. :) Can't wait to see more when you are able to get all the way out to that craft store. :)

  5. What a cute bunny - he has such a sweet face and I love his little green tail! :-)
    I love the Easter doily, too!
    There's a HUGE craft shop in the town in the UK where my parents live. SO, while we were visiting, I made the most of it! I went 3 TIMES.... in a week and a half!!! ;-)

  6. Gorgeous bunny and mat.....so pretty!
    I'd love to have a go at making both :-)
    Can you explain to me more about slip stitching into the chain 1? I can't imagine where you go after that!
    Thanks for your help


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