Maple Christmas Decorations


I made 9 of these Christmas sets that I gave as gifts!  I drew up the patterns, cut them with the band saw from maple (1/2 inch wide), machine sanded, hand sanded, sealed, sanded, painted, painted, painted... and varnished!


On the bottom of the reindeer I put the year, which is something I always love to see on my own Christmas ornaments when it comes time to decorate!

They may not look it, but these little wooden figures do take quite a bit of time.  And I think it's so worth it!  I love how they turned out!  I even really enjoy the process.  I always find it amazing when something you think up in your head materializes in person just as you pictured!

Perhaps by next Christmas I'll have an Etsy shop up and going where I can try to sell some of these sets!  (I also think I should make a set for myself; I miss them!)


  1. Hello Kate, what a lovely Christmas set! They're so well made and I can tell that you have put time and love into them. That reindeer has a real flair to him and looks as if he's ready to gallop! I love his antlers and coloured saddle! Yes, you should definitely make yourself a set!
    I'm getting back into routine again now that the Christmas break has come to an end. I know your new year will be a wonderfully creative one! Enjoy every second!

  2. They are lovely if I could I would buy them, the fox you sent me was on display under the Christmas tree and is now on my coffee table where I can see him :-)

    1. Thanks Kerena, that makes me so happy!! I'm hoping an Etsy shop is close in the future for me!
      Kate :}

  3. Wow, beautiful work Kate! Yes…you should make some for yourself!

  4. Looks like they took a lot of time. Totally adorable!


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