Tantra Song Inspired Block 5

Tantra Song Inspired Crochet Block 5

Here's the next addition to my Tantra Song inspired blocks.  There's something so appealing to me about the little bit of red not being centered.

Tantra Song Painting and Block 5

However, I really love the rounded shape of the red in the painting, which didn't really translate to the crochet.  Don't you find it hard to stop looking at the painting?  I do, and what I love most about it is that I can't really figure out why I like it so much!

Tantra Song Inspired Block 5

The book has this much to say about the particular painting: "Somewhat of a mystery.  A few clues: everything revolved around two axes- on one hand the birth of speech and on the other the granting of wishes.  The two, perhaps, are to be mingled, or turned inside out, thus: birth of wishes and granting of speech." - Franck Andre Jamme from Tantra Song.

Thinking on speech and wishes, I'm somehow reminded of the book Three Magic Words by U.S. Andersen, which I picked up on a whim in a second hand store for 25 cents a couple of years ago (partially because the cover, [which on my copy looks like THIS], looked so intriguing).  In the book, the author talks about there being a Universal Creative Mind into which we can project our thoughts and wishes, and ultimately get back what we want (or need).  I think this idea is similar to The Law of Attraction and what you would read about in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (which I only got a few pages into before realizing the way it was written was not really my cup of tea).

So perhaps the better we are able to organize our wishes into speech, the stronger the power of the wish, and thus the more likely it would be granted.  I think even if you don't believe in some metaphysical Universal Subconscious Creative Mind, this makes sense!  It's one thing to "wish" a wish, and another to start putting words to it and vocalizing it.  Once spoken, I think a wish can take on a life of its own and starts becoming more real.  And maybe subconsciously you and the world around you will start conspiring to make it a reality...

I don't know, just something to think about!  I really enjoyed Three Magic Words and thought it was beautifully written.  I feel like even if you don't believe everything the author proposes, there's so much you can take away from the book.  Perhaps I'll go pull it off the shelf again!

What do you guys think?  Don't be shy!  I'd love to hear your interpretations of the quote about the birth of speech and the granting of wishes, and perhaps a theory about the reverse: the birth of wishes and the granting of speech.  Come on... a little philosophical musing is good for the soul!


  1. I was hoping for another Tantra inspired block and this one is definitely my favourite so far. The blue and beige with the touch of red just work awesome together.
    And I also like this picture the best so far - I can't put my finger to it but it just speaks to me

  2. Hi from new follower - Jo from South Wales.
    I found your fab pattern for 'Squaring the big circle afgan' via Favecrafts and, if you'll excuse the pun - I'm hooked....
    I'll be doing a little catching up on your older blogs since they have all now been added to my reading list so don't be surprised at finding comments on your previous blogs.
    Bye for now, Jo. x

    1. Nice to meet you Jo!

      I'm so glad you found my blog, and thanks so much for taking the time to read through past posts! If you ever run into any questions about the tutorial or any crochet questions in general, don't hesitate to email!

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend,
      Kate :}

  3. I've been waiting to see another Tantra block. And this one is great!!! It's my favourite colour-combo, and I love the tiddly little splash of red!

  4. I love the new Tantra block ... it looks like energy about to explode: the cool turning blueness with the red energy sizzling on one side.
    I don't know the book you mention (Three Magic Words), but I do feel that everything exists for a reason and especially our life experiences, whatever they may be. We live them because that is where we are meant to be... otherwise we would be somewhere else! I feel that we get what we need and not always what we think we want!
    Wanting and wishing is simply not being satisfied with the way things are! What do you think?!

  5. love this!
    i've been gone too long and have missed seeing your projects. it's been fun getting caught up with you. hope all is well with you...it does seem like you're having a fun summer:)


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