Wow, it's Photo-Tuesday already?!  Well, here's a picture of some rust on the top of a white plastic tote lid (with an Instagram filter).  It reminds me of those tantra paintings!  Which then reminds me I have to get back to crocheting some more Tantra Song inspired blocks!  So many projects, so little time!!


  1. it reminds me a cell under a microscope, instead!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  2. Wow! I never would have guessed what that was. I was thinking you had painted a picture. What's an Instagram filter? I'm not computer savvy.

    1. Instagram is a camera phone app (started out only for iphone, and now is available to android which I have). So when I took the picture, I put this filter on it that gave it a pinkish tint, et voila! But I wish I could paint something like that!!!!

      Have a great day!
      Kate :}

  3. I had no idea what this photo was. AND I definitely had no idea that rust could be so pretty! :-)


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