Cedar Building Blocks

Two awesome boys recently had their birthdays, and seeing as how they are lego and Kapla block masters, I wanted to make them each a little building block set.

Each set has 48 cedar blocks, all with a 1 inch width, that my dad cut for me from leftovers.  There are squares, rectangles (two sizes) and triangles which I painted on two sides and then finished off with some spray acrylic sealer.

Of course I had fun playing with them!

I really like the contrast of the natural wood and paint, and am thinking of other projects that I can experiment with the combination.

Painting these blocks was really fun because the cedar smelled so good!!  I also think that using cedar made for some unique light-weight blocks.  Hopefully they'll have as much fun playing with them as I did!


  1. Love this!!! The kids in your life are so lucky to have you!

  2. Wow!!! I LOVE them!!! I love that you've left some of the sides 'natural' and painted others - and the colours you've chosen look great together (as always)! They look like lots of fun to play with (for grown-ups as well as kids)!!! ;-)


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