MOMA Scrapghan Block

I spent St. Patrick's Day a little less conventionally than some; I was not wearing green, and I was not partaking in the daylong alcoholic festivities...  Instead I went to NYC for the day with Nehill to visit Gin and go to MOMA for some quality museum time!

When we we first made our plans, none of us realized that the day we picked was St. Patrick's Day.  When it dawned on us, we wondered how much that was going to affect things...  Nehill and I started to realize the answer as we stood in line to get on our bus and were the only people not completely decked out in green clothes and accessories.  Both of us happened to be wearing blue sweatshirts which really made us look like we were conspiratorially rebelling against the holiday.  I found it hilarious.  And who's to say how the people who were looking at us weird found it...

After battling through a sea of green people, and marveling at the number of drunks before 11 am, we made it to MOMA and had a great time.  It further reaffirmed that I'm still obsessed with circles, squares, simple lines and bright bold colors.  I also wanted to walk out with a few Laszlo Moholy-Nagy paintings...

Anyways, this block is made from the Spinner pattern in 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton.  I followed the pattern, and just added a row of single crochet (in center corner dcs I did 2 sc, 1 ch, 2 sc) for a border.  I thought this block nicely represented "modern" art, and for colors I chose green of course, and then thought green's compliment, red, would be perfect.

Our NYC day also included Central Park, Pink Berry, Strand Bookstore, a cute toy store, California Pizza Kitchen and lots of walking in beautiful weather!  It was perfect.

I also realized that I found the buildings more beautiful than I usually do...


  1. What a fun-sounding day!
    Some British friends of ours (who also live in Duesseldorf at the moment) are moving to New York this summer. And I keep hinting that we'd like an invite over when they get there! ;-)

  2. MOMA is on my wishlist of places to see when we go to NY. The first time I went to NY I hated it but since then I have been back twice and fell in love.
    Anyway, I digress - the 200 blocks book is one of my favourites and this square looks yummy. I would have never put red and green together other than for a Christmassy look, but this totally works. Love it


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