Mismatched Matched Doily Set

My Gram recently got a bit of a bedroom makeover (new floor, new color/wallpaper on the walls), so I thought she might also like a doily update for her nightstands.

I used Aunt Lydia's Double Strand thread, which I believe is two strands of size 10 thread, and is similar to size 3 thread.  I thought it worked up nicely, and will keep in mind that I could always "double strand" size 10 threads on my own.

I made both doilies from Sasha Kagan's Crochet Inspiration (love this book).  This one is 153 Pineapple.  It crocheted up really quick, and laid nice and flat once it was blocked.  Using my Size 2 (2.2 mm) hook (for both squares), it worked up to about an 11 inch square.

This one is 154 Royal, and worked up to about a 9 inch square.  I must say, the triple, quadruple and quintuple treble stitches were quite fun!  Although, I was pretty skeptical that the square would smooth out and lie flat, but, like always, blocking worked liked magic.

They both worked up quick, and I like the look of a set using the same thread to make different (but similar shaped) patterns.  It's like a mismatched matched set.  Contradictory?


  1. They're both very pretty - your Gram is going to love them. :)

  2. I really love the thread choice, and your embroidery is so pretty! I am sure your Grandma will love them!

  3. Yaaaaaayyy!!! I can comment!

    Love the Royal doily. You are so super-clever.
    You say these are quick to do- how long does it take you? I'm just interested because I'm quite slow (I think) and these look really complicated.


  4. The doilies look supernice! And Annaboo is right - they do look complicated! How long did you take to finish them?


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