Here's "the Rest"

You guys were pretty close with your guesses!  They are tea light holders that I turned on the lathe, and brought to California to give to some of the nicest and most giving people I know!

I turned them from Brazilian mahogany and put an antique oil finish on them.  I just love seeing the color come out with the oil!  I mostly "winged" the designs; the tallest one I made from a picture in my head, the second tallest one from a picture I drew, and the little one was a result of getting carried away with my spindle gouge.  I'm still learning a lot about the lathe and my tools as I go, but I'm so happy with my progress and I'm having so much fun with it!  Next, I think I need to experiment with a lighter colored wood and some paint...


  1. Kate! Is there NO END to your talents?!?
    They look great - I bet your friends were very pleased indeed with their gifts!

  2. I was going to *guess, but didnt think that would be fair :-)
    You totally should open a shop, you are super talented, and these are amazing!!!

  3. How fun! They look great. I think that light wood would be nice too. You are so talented.


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