Giveaway Gifts

Now, after a silly post office mistake back in January, all my giveaway winners have received their gifts!  This means I can now show you what I made without fear of ruining a surprise!

Everyone who entered got a doily/mug rug....

Made from my Little Circle Squares pattern and size 3 thread

And the winners got a  tea light candleholder...

These two were turned from mahogany

This one was turned from douglas fir

and a calendar block set!

Sorry for the excessive block pictures; I just loved how they turned out!  They were made from reclaimed wood into 2 1/2 inch blocks which were then painted, stamped and sealed.

I had so much fun making these (and learned a lot about international shipping haha), and received such lovely feedback from everyone!


  1. Great giveaway gifts - they're all just lovely. :)

  2. i agree great giveaway gifts so sad i missed out on this

  3. I still adore my mug rug! I thought the coolest thing was that you picked colors that suit me :)

  4. Great job Kate! I love the stripey tea light candleholder from the dogulas fir!

  5. lovely crochet. I love the colours. I will be following you so I can see your other projects.

  6. I love the mug rugs..Sorry I missed out. I good forward to seeing your other projects.

    1. Thank you so much! At some point I'd like to do another giveaway...


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