WIP Saturday

(Just a friendly reminder that I'm drawing winners for the Pay It Forward Giveaway tomorrow...)

Here are a few more motifs from my stylecraft yarn afghan...  I'm loving these colors!!  Notice the christmassy looking circle?  Whenever I do an afghan with a ton of colors I always try to make a red and green motif because I have this memory I can't quite place, of looking at scrap quilts and noticing christmas fabrics in them...  So I just do it because it's funny, and really, I feel bad for those two complimentary colors that seem to only have a place at Christmas.  I'm such a dork!

I have a feeling this afghan is going to look pretty random and crazy with all of these colors.... but I don't care, I'm loving it!!

And as per requested, here's a little shot of the towel.  Delicious colors huh? 


  1. Great! I think it compliments the towel nicely!

  2. This looks like such a fun Afghan - cannot wait to see the finished project

  3. such lovely squares~ i especially love the purple, green and blue ones! gotta love stylecraft yarn! :)


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