Meet Captain Sarcasm

I want to share a few more things I made for Christmas, and more importantly, I'd like you to meet Captain Sarcasm.  Who is she you ask?  Well, she is my cousin, and she is a super hero in disguise; or at least, that's what I think she is!

I swear, Maria is like super mom.  When I told her my theory on her being a super hero in disguise she replied that if she was she'd be Captain Sarcasm.  I'm always amazed at how much she manages to do and get done (and stay sane), and I believe a lot of it is due to her super hero power: humor.  In fact, she has a blog, The Weird Life, so you can read about her funny adventures with her two boys.  

As for her boys, I made them dolls too!

One is a big Thomas the Tank Engine fan, so I made him Sir Topham Hatt.

The other is into super heroes, so I made him Green Lantern! 

The best part is that they are well loved!!

As for the crochet bit of this post, do you remember the Dr Who doll I made?  Well I used the same pattern, but just played around with the color changes, made up my own hat and lantern, added a button to Captain Sarcasm's jacket, and did her hair with the help of THIS tutorial from EssHaych.  I'm proud of how the hat and lantern came out, and I think it has made me more confident in my ability to crochet without a pattern.

Maria has some great pictures posted of these dolls on her blog too.  And you should check out the rest of her BLOG as well.  If you are a mom, and/or enjoy a good laugh, I think you'd find it an enjoyable read!


  1. These are all amazing- I am in awe that you made them!!!
    Heading over to Maria's blog now

  2. These dolls are AMAZING!!! You're soooo clever!!!

  3. Kate also made her favorite aunt (me) an AWESOME afghan which I LOVE and her sister made matching pillows for our new house. I love having talented nieces!!


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