Christmas Ornaments

I still have a few more Christmas things to share, but I didn't just want to dump them all in one post.  So here's the Christmas ornament post.

I made these ornaments with 3 inch embroidery hoops (the perfect size for ornaments) and muslin.

I embroidered my own designs with all six strands.

I finished off the back by hot gluing the excess fabric to the inside hoop, and hot glued a piece of felt to cover the whole back.  Then I just looped some embroidery thread in the top to hang, and gave them as gifts!

With the "Welcome" hoop I made for the wedding as inspiration, I made this for my sister and brother in law.  I used six strands for the bunting, and three strands for the letters.  Love how it turned out.

And you've probably seen this ornament which I made out of felt.  I was going for a more round looking owl to mimic the classic Christmas ball ornaments.  This one went to my fellow owl loving cousin in Idaho!  It turned out so cute, I just may have to make some more next year!


  1. I love the little hoop ornaments. I may have to try that idea out next Christmas. They look really effective. And I love the christmassy colours you chose!!!
    The owl is GORGEOUS! You should definitely do some more! ;-)

  2. That is such a clever idea to keep them in the embroidery hoops, then they are already finished and everything. Very cool!


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