Hypotrochoid Thank You's

My sister got me this neat little hypotrochoid set for Christmas (as we're always lamenting the fact that we lost our Spirograph when we were younger), so I thought I'd use it to make some thank you's!  What crafty things did you guys get for Christmas?


  1. Aww! Cool! I loved those spirograph things when I was a kid!

  2. I love Spirographs! :D I think I have something that resembles a Spirograph around here somewhere... Hmmm... *starts digging*

  3. hi kate....oooooh i have very happy memories of playing with these as a kid on summer holidays at my aunt's house....these cards are just the job!

  4. SPIROGRAPHS!! I got a lot of sewing-related items (one from you of course)so I'm working on that this weekend :)

  5. Oh my goodness!!! This is AMAZING!!! I LOVED my spirograph! Is it too early to start my letter to Santa for NEXT year???

  6. oh yes, spirographs! wonderful fun. thanks for sharing the link for this. :)


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