Up Like a Balloon, Down Like a Rock

Since the recycled fish went over so well the other day, I thought I might try some more "sewing" with the little man.  Surprisingly, he liked it even more than the fish!

When I was little, I loved playing with this beginners sewing kit I had, which was made up of stiff cards with string attached, and you just followed the patterns.  So, using a craft knife I poked holes into a piece of thin cardboard (cracker box), grabbed the scrap yarn left over from our fish and a blunt plastic needle, and Drake went to town!

I held the cardboard for him and he sewed, picking it up really fast!  While he was going he made up little sayings to help him along.  Bringing the needle up from underneath he would go "up like a balloon!" and bringing the needle back down through the holes he would go "down like a rock!"  So cute, and he just loved it!  I had only made one sewing card as I didn't know how he'd like it, so we kept taking out his work and starting over again.

When I went over today, Drake was so excited to show me how he could sew all on his own.  He threaded the needle himself, and held the cardboard by himself!  I couldn't believe his mad fine motor skills!  I mean, he's only four!!  So today we tried a few cards with some numbers to show him where to put the stitches.

He did great, and loved them!  I only did three cards pretty quick before I left this morning, so he took all the stitches out himself to do them again!

Here's the somewhat sad attempt at a flower.  He only messed up in one part, and when he was done he couldn't tell what it was.  I said "well, it's supposed to be a flower, but I guess not a very good one!"  "Ohhhh!  I see it!  It is a very good flower!!!"  Thanks buddy.

And of course I had to get in on some of this sewing action!!

Overall, great project!  Drake's reaction to the project: "Kate, you have so many amazing things!"  Aw, you're giving me a big head kid!  Although I'm not sure how many more of those sewing cards I want to make... I should look into getting him a real little kit.  I also don't think I'm going to be able to sew anything without hearing "up like a balloon... and down like a rock" in my head! haha!  Too cute.

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  1. I'm sooooo going to come round to play one day!!! :-)

  2. I'm just going to say it...you are AMAZING. So there! :)

  3. I love his little sayings....they sure stick in your head, perfect sewing :-)


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