Recycled Fish

After seeing this post and this post on Fem Manuals, I knew I had to try something similar with the 4 year old I'm babysitting.  So today I grabbed some cardboard, magazines and little pieces of scrap yarn, and we made fish!

Here's what we did:

1. Draw fish onto cardboard (cracker boxes)
2. Cut fish out
3. Glue to magazine paper (Martha Stewart Living and Anthropologie)
4. Cut excess paper off of fish
5. Cut slits into the top and bottom of fish
6. Weave yarn around fish through slits (we used two or three colors)  "Look, I'm doing it!  I'm sewing!!" (Super cute.)
7.  Finish by gluing on eyes cut from magazine paper

100% recycled, and 100% fun!


  1. i really like these, what a great hands-on project for the littles...i'm keeping this one for a rainy day around here!

  2. Brilliant!!! I'm starting a sewing club at school (for little ones) next week. This would be ideal!!! Thank you!!! :-)


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