Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Smiles


Notice anything different from the last time I showed you my fireplace? It has some fancy new screens and glass doors! It was an early birthday present from my parents! They also made me a yummy birthday dinner! Lots to smile about!


Further progress in my current blanket project is also making me smile. I'm almost halfway done with making the squares, then I need to sew in ends, block, and assemble! I'm so anxious to lay them all out and figure out where I want them! I'm making it from THIS pattern for a cushion from Little Doolaly. The pattern is very well written, and I'm just using the directions for the square, (with a bigger hook, and one less round), to make an afghan instead of a cushion. (With her discount for multiple patterns, I also couldn't resist getting THIS pattern which I'll try some day!)

Happy Sunday, and I hope you are all finding lots to smile about!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Kate! Do you have your own fireplace in your Gram's house? How wonderful! It's so comforting to have a fire in the winter months!


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