DIY Wedding

My sister is getting married this summer so we've been having a lot of fun planning everything out.  I think the best way to describe her theme is: bright, vintage, and hand made.  We've just finished lining the invitation envelopes and I can't wait to see the them with the finished invitations.

My sister found the envelopes at Michaels, and using mostly existing paper from our stash, we cut out the liners with a template we made ourselves.  There are so many beautiful papers which makes it a shame that the invitation recipients only get to view a small fraction of them!

I have a set of envelope and envelope liner templates from Paper Source that I love to use, but the envelopes we picked to use for the invites were a different size than the liner templates we had.  So this is how we made our own template:

Trace your envelope on a piece of paper, and cut it out just inside your traced lines to ensure that your liner will slide inside your envelope easily.
Place the template on top of the envelope so the top of the template is just under the glue that you lick on the envelope.  Mark the template where the bottom of the envelope is and trim it off.
Trace your finished template onto your liner paper, slide it into your envelope, and fold down the top of the envelope to fold your liner.
Glue just the folded over part of the liner to the envelope flap.
And you're done!


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