I love my crafty friends!

Guess what fun crafty thing I got to do on Sunday!  I helped my super crafty friend Nehill with his train table.  Actually, "train table" is a bit misleading when it comes to its size.  It's more of a "train corner-of-a-room."

These pictures give a better sense of scale of the entire work in progress.

On Sunday we worked on the ocean side of the table.

Nehill worked on the pier area near the amazing lighthouse.  He made the pier from popsicle sticks that he stained, and the ocean water from blue and black paint coated with mod podge.

I worked on a corner that became a parking area/beach/park, using foam, beach sand, rocks, grass mats, and foliage fiber for bushes, where people could enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean.

Here's one such couple enjoying the view after parking their sweet vintage car.  I took the picture in the middle of this guy's smooth move.  "There's something on your shoulder.  I've got it..."

My favorite part about his train layout is his clever use of materials.  A lot of the materials he uses are right on hand like rocks, gravel, and sand.  One of the boats in the ocean came from a wind chime!  I've also learned there's a lot that can be done with mod podge and hairspray!

Unfortunately, due to his layout's location, not many people get to see it!  So here's a few more pictures of a few of the finished areas...

The forest

See the deer in the clearing?

The Farm

I absolutely love crafting with friends; it's fun when ideas are bouncing back and forth and the hours just slip away...  What better excuse to just spend time with friends?!  Hopefully I'll be able to help out again soon!


  1. What a fun day. I know this little work must be hard, but at the same time a peaceful escape to an old time town. And the colors aren't bad either.

  2. KJ your welcome to come down anytime! I had so much fun on sunday!
    - Nehill

  3. This is just the coolest - it's like a real little town. :)

  4. O. M. G! If Quinn ever saw this in person he would NEVER leave! Heck I wouldn't wanna leave! This is so cool!

  5. Wow! I LOVED looking through these photos - what an unusual post! Thanks for sharing such an AMAZING project with us! The detail is absolutly stunning - clever, clever, clever!!!

  6. I'm so glad you were able to work on this. I really do enjoy toy train layouts!

  7. Has Nehill ever been to Kip Grant's in Qby? He enjoys sharing his train room & was featured (even making the cover) of a national model train magazine last year. The display is amazing. Peggy


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