Magazine Snowflakes

No matter how old you are, unfolding paper snowflakes is so exciting!!  The four year old I'm babysitting wanted to make snowflakes so bad, but his construction paper was just too thick to cut.  So I had a brainstorm... magazine paper!!


Only being four I thought his cutting skills were pretty amazing with his very blunt scissors.  He would start the cuts, and when it got tricky I would help out.  Those first five he made, and then I made these:

To make them lie nice and flat I put a piece of paper over the top of them and ironed them a bit.  Worked perfectly!  (I'm thinking they might be a cute way to decorate presents for Christmas....)

Today he wants to make a book with these snowflakes to give to his mom for Christmas.  He's so creative! (You gotta love it when a little kid asks "can we make a craft?")  I'm thinking we'll mount them on squares of cardstock, punch a couple of holes on the sides, and tie them together with yarn... We'll see!


  1. This is so cute. What a fantastic idea.

  2. So cute. What a fun idea to keep the nieces and nephews busy. Hey, I have alot of the Japanese Pattern Book and their insides PINNED over on my CROCHET BOARD in Pinerest. Feel Free to have a look. It's the best way I've found to keep track of all the ideas I see out there.

  3. I second Pinterest - I just started using it about a week ago and it's been in invaluable resource for new ideas and keeping them organized!

  4. Super-cute!!! I love making paper snowflakes. And, as winter has definitely arrived here, I think I can start making them with my class right now!!! :)
    I like the idea of using magazine paper - and of making a book out of them! What a creative kid!!!
    Enjoy your crafting together....


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