Gram's 91st Birthday Present

After taking a dramamine, I finished stitching my Gram's birthday present the night before her birthday, in a car, by a pen light, that was tied to the visor... Yes, that's right.  I'll own my dorkiness.

I had such a hard time trying to figure out what to make Gram for her birthday.  What does a 91 year old need, and what haven't I done before?!  I'm often fixated on the functionality of a gift, so I thought, "why not make something pretty just for pretty's sake?"  So I did a google image search for "free mandala coloring pages," printed one out, traced the design onto my muslin, and started "coloring" with stitches!

When I started I wasn't sure how I was going to display the finished piece.  I finally decided on a shadow box, and found one at A.C. Moore.  I think it's nice to be able to open up the front for a closer look at the stitches.

All I had to do was staple the embroidery around the slightly stuffed backing board the shadow box came with.  I think it works well, especially because of the color of the wood.

The only thing I wish I had done differently was not use green in the center around the blue and yellow.  I thought the blue and green kind of blended in together... but regardless, I really liked how it turned out, and Gram liked it, which is all that matters!

Is it weird that I kept seeing this design as a crocheted block?


  1. Such a nice birthday gift - it's very pretty.

    Happy Birthday to your Gram. :)

  2. Your Gram must have been super thrilled with this, it's so pretty! :) Good job, and awesome frame - you're right, it fits just right! :)

  3. Perfect for Gram. She will love and adore it. You did a wonderful job. Enjoy your holidays with all your family.

  4. This is beautiful. I'm sure your Gramm loved it.

  5. This is beautiful- I love gifts that mean something and that are made with love- makes them so much more specail

  6. I LOVE it- such a good idea to use a box which can be opened- I think stitching sometimes begs to be touched!
    It's funny, but when I first saw your post photo, I thought it was a crochet piece- you are just so clever.
    (and thanks for letting me know about the doodle stitching book. I have it already- couldn't wait until Christmas. Naughty me.)

    Have a super week.

  7. I bet she loved it - it's so pretty!!! And what a fantastic idea to use a mandala design! Clever you!!!

  8. hi Kate, I love this...what a beautiful piece of embroidery! I don't know much about embroidery, but to me it looks like crewel, which I love. Nice work, and lucky Gramm.

  9. I've just been browsing on your blog and came across this gorgeous embroidery! It's wonderful! Green and blue together are one of my favourite combinations!
    I think that this design would make a wonderful crocheted block too!
    What a great shadow box you found and the wood is really beautiful. A super present for your Gram. I bet she loved it!


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