A Happy Accident

Another block for the scrapghan!  I made it from the pattern Triple Delight by Judy Lewis, found in Women's Day Prizewinning Granny Squares... a book I didn't mean to get!
Here's what happened...

I found a picture of an amazing afghan in a google image search.  It led me to this blog and post, where I HAD to find where the pattern came from.

Amazing right?!!  The granny circles are made of six granny triangles, and are sewn together with granny diamonds!!  I can't wait to make this, although I'm not sure when I'll get to it!

Anyways, in my excitement and obsession to have this pattern in my possession as soon as possible, I mistakenly read where the pattern was from and bought this book:

After waiting about a week and a half for it to arrive, I excitedly started flipping through the book.  You can not imagine how mad I was to go through the entire thing and not find the pattern I wanted!!  Tossing this book aside, I reread the original blog post, did more research and finally found the right magazine at a reasonable price, and only had to wait about four days for it to arrive!

For anyone else who thinks that afghan is super awesome... it's from Today's Woman Granny Squares Number 2 from 1976.  With a bit of searching, I found it for about $7 including shipping.

So, after finally receiving the coolest pattern ever, I decided to take another look at the first book I had cast away in frustration.  It wasn't fair of me to treat it with such disregard, so I made one of the blocks as an apologetic gesture.

This is such a neat square!  Until the fifth row I wasn't even sure I was following the pattern right, but then all of a sudden like magic it came together.  I love the texture from the corner loops.

In direct contrast with my first sentiments about this book, I can now say that buying it was certainly a happy little accident.


  1. I like it. I like it. I like it. What fun

  2. Mistakes can be good things! Especially when you get a new book AND a new magazine out of them!!! ;-)
    And WHAT a cute square!!! I love your colour-combo!!!

  3. I like your granny books, I just won the Sarah London Granny Love book....they are such fun aren't they :-)

  4. When things like that happen to me, I always like to think of it as 'meant to be' :) Sometimes life hands you happy accidents!
    I love that loopy pattern by the way - reminds me of Sarah London's Mabel pillow pattern.

  5. i love this pattern but can;t find it any where. do you know where i may get it?

    1. If you click on the link I gave (to amazon), I think you can find some used copies of the book.
      Happy crocheting!
      Kate :}


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