A Christmas Doodle

Yesterday I was in the mood for some embroidery.  I found a 4 in hoop, some muslin (I think), some christmasy thread, and just started to doodle!

I'm thinking of making another larger hoop to go with it for some cute Christmas decor.  It also gave me the idea of buying some smaller hoops to make Christmas ornaments.  Maybe a 3 in hoop would make a good ornament size?  Maybe with some ribbon at the top to hang on the tree?  I think I'm getting the embroidery itch again....


  1. Wow! You are way more patient then me! I tried doing embroidery once and it took to dang long! But you are more awesomesauce then me generally so I shouldn't be surprised. ;)

  2. Just lovely!
    I agree, I think 3inch hoops would make adorable ornament size.

  3. Aaah! How lovely!!!
    I love the christmassy colours you've used!

  4. wishing I could "doodle" like that!!! I love the idea of these as christmas ornaments.


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