Vintage Finds

Alright, I know I wanted to keep this blog to "crafty" things, but in my defense one of my vintagey finds was a sweet little doily...

This doily is pretty dirty, but at 50 cents I thought even if I can't clean it up, I might be able to figure out the pattern, and make it for myself!!!  (Anyone have any good tips for cleaning up old doilies safely?)

I love where the four motifs join, creating this beautiful design full of lovely little picots!

I also couldn't pass up these adorable little glasses.  I saw the set of four yellow ones for two dollars... then saw the set of four blue ones for two dollars... and then I thought, what a beautiful set of eight blue and yellow mini chalice looking glasses for four dollars!

And I of course couldn't pass up used books!!  The two small blue books are first edition 1943 bedtime stories, the one underneath is (I believe) a first edition 1936 Bobbsey Twins book in GREAT shape, the blue book on the bottom is a collection of Longfellow Poems copyright 1883 with a hand written name and date: 1891!!  (I especially love used books with written messages, names and dates written in the front.)  And all of them for only $2.25!

(I couldn't help but notice that the glasses matched the colors of books I got!)

This beautiful square scarf was only 50 cents!  I'm so loving geometric patterns and bright bold colors right now.

Also 50 cents, don't you just love the colors of this scarf!?

Now, back to your regularly scheduled craft posts very soon!!  Just waiting on a few things so I can have a proper "Before & After" post!


  1. You can post anything you want on your blog - it's for you - and I love looking at everyone's good thrifty finds. :)

  2. Well, my fried. I see you were out and about doing a little ATVing. Great job and wonderful finds. I especially love the glasses. And the price is even better at that bargain. Try soaking on OxyClean...

  3. Wow- congratulations an all those amazing finds!

  4. oh...this is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing


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