A Tale of Two Chairs


This was a super simple transformation!  We picked up the chairs at Salvation Army for $7 each, and used home decor weight fabric that my sister had in her stash to recover the seats.  (The pictures are a little deceiving, as we didn't do anything to the chair frames.)

First we unscrewed the chair seat...

Cut out fabric a couple of inches larger than the seat...


Stapled right over the seat...

Screwed the seat back onto the chair...

And now my sister has two "new" chairs to take with her when she moves!  She did most of the work too.  I helped by holding things while she unscrewed or stapled, and was the one who kept saying "wait, I need a picture!"

We were very pleased with how they turned out, and I will be showing an even more impressive "before and after" in about a week!!


  1. Quick and easy. Those are the best kind of transformations. They look great. Hope you are having a good weekend. Tammy

  2. These look super great. Love the poka dots. Nice work!
    xo Susan


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