Let's Make Snail Mail!

There's something special about writing and receiving mail in today's email-filled world, and something even more special about making the stationary yourself.  Do you want to make someone's day with a one-of-a-kind piece of hand written deliciousness?  I'll show you how I made these cards and envelopes, and maybe it will help you make your own!

I started by pulling some pages out of this 1961 children's book that I picked up at a library sale for 50 cents.
Traced my envelope template from Paper Source onto my pages.  (You can also take apart an envelope you already have and make a template, or google "free envelope templates"!)
Cut them out
Fold!  I like to use a bone folder, which gives nice crisp folds.  (You can also use an old butter knife in place of a bone folder.)
Creasing Tip:  Start in the middle and crease the paper to one end of the fold, and then come back to the middle and crease the other side.
Glue the sides of the bottom flap, flip up and press onto the the side flaps.
Here is where I'd apply double sided tape (leaving the exposed side with the paper still on it) to the inside of the top flap for when it comes time to sealing the envelope... but I've run out of it!  Eek!
I add white labels for the address and return address.

Envelopes are done... Onto the cards!

With more pages from the book, I cut out rectangles that when folded fit perfectly inside my envelopes. (My cards are 3 1/2 x 5 in.) 
Now, I love cards, but I have one issue with them:  Not enough space to write for me!! So for each card I cut two pieces of graph paper just a little smaller than the card size.

With the graph paper folded inside the card, there are four pages to write on.

Using the Pamphlet Stitch to attach graph paper to card:

Step 1.  Holding the fold of the graph paper in the fold of the card, use a needle to poke three holes through all three piece of paper in the fold... one in the middle, and one on each side close to the end of the graph paper. 
Step 2. Thread a needle with embroidery floss (or book binding thread!) a little longer than twice the length of your card, and insert needle in middle hole from inside to out.  Leave a little tail inside card. 
Step 3.  Come back up through one of the outside holes.
Step 4.  Put needle down through the second outside hole.  (Notice how the tail is to one side of the stitch just made.) 
Step 5.  Bring needle back up through center hole, making sure to keep needle to the other side of the stitch made in the previous step.
Step 6.  With your two thread ends now on each side of the stitch, make a square knot over the stitch. 
Step 7.  Trim the thread ends close to the knot.
You're Done! 
I have to sign the back of course!
Now I've got to get writing!


  1. I've made envelopes from Pottery Barn magazines before. Guess I had better get back to some paper crafting and making my own cards, too. Everything is always much more special with that handmade touch. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. What a lovely idea.
    Am bookmarking for a future project.
    Clever you.


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