The C-Word

Recently I have been getting a lot of negative reactions when I say the C-word, so I'm going to avoid saying it so as not to get the stink eye from anyone.  Oh, it's not THAT C-word.... No, no, no, I'll give you a hint:

(And another hint: it's not "cat.")

That's right.  I'm thinking of that holiday, and brainstorming crafts and gifts... I just can't help it!  With my tendency to get carried away I have to start early!  I love any excuse to make things, and this particular gift giving opportunity is like the best excuse ever.

I am running into a bit of a dilemma though.  As I've started brainstorming, and have even started making a gift or two, I can't share it on the blog!  Despite how much I'll be bursting at the seams with excitement and the need to show someone... I have friends and family who check in here, and well, I can't risk ruining a surprise.

However, I'm sure there will be plenty of other little crafts that I'll be able to share along the way.  Perhaps some decorating crafts?  And I'm toying around with the idea of making an electronic C-word card in the form of a stop motion movie (and not with blocks), to share with everyone.  I can't forget halloween either!

Have you crafty people been thinking about the C-word?


  1. I think it's the old teacher in me, but once term begins in September, I am constantly thinking about the big C!!
    I love it when the shops start getting in their Xmas goodies, too.
    Bring it on, bring it ON!!
    And yes, I have a few crafty ideas too!

  2. Sssssssssh! Don't mention the C-word yet!!! I'm sooo not ready for all that yet! ;)

  3. I start thinking about the C-word in June!!! I need that much time to craft presents now that teachers have been added to the List. =)

  4. No Christmas idea thinking yet. But then again, I don't really crochet gifts for Christmas. After 30 years of crocheting, my family has all the crocheted goodies they could ever use. :)

  5. already planning Christmas presents in my head.

  6. I started thinking about the C-word around March. That's about when the excitement of the last C has passed and winter has gotten boring in the northeast.


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