A Dresser Redress



Here's what we did with a gifted vintage dresser:

Took the mirror off...

Took the knobs off...

Sanded (just a little to give the paint a better surface to "stick" to) with a palm sander on the large areas, and used sand paper for the more fiddly bits...

Taped off the mirror...

Painted three coats plus some touch ups...

Added knobs from Anthropologie...

Put the mirror back on... And now Gin has a new dresser for when they move!

I love the teal and yellow combo!  I must admit that when I started painting I was nervous because the teal was pretty bright, but it darkened after each coat when it dried.  

After about a week, while we were waiting the knobs to come in the mail, a few bubbles appeared on the top of the dresser!  I'm not sure what caused it, maybe it was heat and/or moisture, so I had to sand down the top of the dresser and paint a few more coats.  That was the only problem I had, which wasn't too hard to fix.  All in all I think the dresser was a huge success, especially since the only money put into it was the paint and knobs!  


  1. That dresser has come up nicely. I love the colour you used.

  2. Lovely transformation!! Great job and so pretty! xoRobin❤

  3. This looks great. The color really makes it pop!
    Nice work.
    xo Susan

  4. Great job. Love the color and those knob are perfect. One of my favorite stores.


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