The Reveal: Half Circle Pillows!

I was recently asked by Online Fabric Store if I wanted to do a project with a new craft pillow form from their site, and then post about it.  I thought "how fun?!"  So I chose their 20 inch half circle down pillow form because of its interesting and potentially challenging shape.

When it came in the mail (it shipped fast!), I was surprised at how nice it felt; it's 95% goose feather and 5% goose down!  Then I was left with "ok, what do I make?"  My first idea was to make a solid crochet cover and just play with the colors.  So I made this one and liked it, but then, being inspired by the circle afghan I was working on, wanted to try coming up with my own granny triangle/circle pattern.  After much trial and error....

I came up with this!  I'm really happy with it!!  And because I couldn't decide on how I wanted to do the colors with this pattern, I made the back a little different....

It's like two pillows in one!  And want to know something more exciting?  I took a ton of pictures as I made both pillow covers (the solid and the granny triangle/circle), and am going to post tutorials soon!  In the meantime, my pillow is going to be looking pretty darn good on my bed!


  1. Beautiful pillow..I made half circle purse..with a same design.this one also looks so beautiful..Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is gorgeous!!!
    Strangely enough, I had looked around shops here to see if I could find that shape cushion, so good to know it exists somewhere as I couldn't find one here!!
    I love what you've done with it, so colourful and amazing!!!

  3. What a wicked shape that is. LOVE what you did - I actually like both designs. Look forward to the tut.

  4. It's very exciting that they approached you to do something for them!!! Congratulations on that!!! And congratulations on such a fabulous make, Kate!!! It's gorgeous!!!

  5. way to go! i love all the different looks you made, especially the granny triangles. your bed looks really coordinated with that pillow tying it altogether :)

  6. Very cute. What a fun new shape and idea. And the colors of yarn of course are divine.

  7. So cute! The colors and the grannies. I need a pillow like that.


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