Apartment Blocks

My sister was able to come home this weekend, so we celebrated her birthday a little early.  I kept asking her what she wanted for her birthday and all I kept getting was "an apartment."  (She's searching for an apartment in NYC where she's currently working.)  Well, I couldn't really afford an apartment for her, so here's what I came up with.  A perpetual calendar that you could build to resemble little apartment buildings!

I think my favorite thing about creating things is seeing my ideas actually work like I had envisioned.  Sometimes I'm afraid my ideas sound a little crazy, but there's no way to tell until I try it!  This was definitely a "woohoo!"

And sometimes my crazy ideas work out even better than I originally thought.  The more I played with the blocks, the more combinations I found of putting them together.

Speaking of ideas becoming tangible, for the longest time I've dreamt about having an Etsy store, and I really think that dream looks like it could materialize.  I'm thinking this perpetual calendar could be a potential item, so any feedback on it would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Yes, this so would be brilliant in your etsy store!!!
    It's absolutely adorable, and perfect for everyone- it's useful, and fun to play with!!!

  2. kate, while i was looking at these pictures I got a bad case of the wanties. i almost felt relief when you mentioned starting an etsy store. um, what are you waiting for? love them, and the cards you made recently too...i think you'll do very well :)

  3. I'm going to concur with the other commenters. Get your Etsy store going already gurl! :) Love Gin's answer to the b-day question too!

  4. Fantastic - these calendars are such a brilliant idea (what could beat something practical that can also be a TOY)!!! Go for it with the Etsy store.....


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