For the Love/Hate of Neon

Ok, for the longest time I'd resisted liking the whole neon trend.  At first all it did was remind me of the 80's with its hair scrunchies, plastic shirt clips, stirrup pants, high top sneakers and ridiculously layered socks.  Truly frightening.  But I think I've broken.

When I was first experimenting with my new half circle pillow form, I just grabbed a leftover ball of yarn from my scrap stash, which happened to be beige.  When I ran out of beige, I grabbed the next little leftover ball of yarn, which just happened to be lime.  The more I looked at this pillow when I finished, the more I liked the color combination.  

I realized I was becoming obsessed with the idea of a neutral with a pop of neon, and realized I had been seeing some wood furniture pieces with pops of neon around the internet that I just loved!  Even more disturbing, I've been generating a love for super bright pink!  Me.  Pink!  Crazy.

Anyways, after I frogged the test pillow, I knew I should make something with those two colors and I knew I hadn't made a scrapghan block in awhile... problem solved!

I grabbed my Great Granny Crochet Book, which is equal parts awesome and horrendous  (kind of like the neon thing)...

... and made a square from a crazy tunic (potato sack looking) pattern.  The only change I made was adding a second color for the last row.  But I really like the square; it was super easy, looks pretty, and might even make a really great afghan!  I will have to keep this one in mind for a future project.

In small doses I think I'm really digging this neon trend, but I stress SMALL.  So what do you think?  Should neon colors be buried alongside the horrible fashion fads of the 80's, or is it time to embrace the glaring, luminous colors of yesteryear?  Discuss.


  1. Well, we did the neon in the 70's. I had neon patent leather shoes in different colors. When those neons came creeping back in I thought no way.
    That being said, I must confess that I do love Lime green. Thinking back, I remember liking it way back in my coloring book days.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhh qué lindo!!!! me gustan las cosas de los ochenta, nació mi primer hija en ese año jeje
    te envio un beso ♥

  3. Hey there, don't be hating on the pink. You know that's my favorite color right? :)

  4. ha ha, i just think it's funny that you are scaring yourself! stirrup pants...lord help us! i love that block though, very pretty and something different.

  5. At that time neon colors were the "coolest".:)
    I have made a similar combination, but a bit pastel:
    Spring is coming!!!


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