Craft Magazine Afternoon!

Two new magazines came in the mail today!!  For my birthday my parents got me a subscription to the UK Mollie Makes, which is always pure eye candy!!!  (How cute are those mice!?)  And Sarah, my lovely friend that made me that sweet circle scarf for my birthday, also got me a subscription to the Crafts Report!  It looks like it has some sweet articles about the business end of crafting- perfect timing huh?  Well, I'm off to sit down with a cup of tea and do some reading!!

Any Mollie Makes fans out there?  And have any of you heard of the Crafts Report before?


  1. I'm a big Mollie Makes fan too! :) Just too bad that it always takes aaaages to get here. Usually it arrives a day before the new one comes out :')

  2. Nice! Has the book I got you for Christmas helped with the business end?

  3. Hmmmm! I got a Mollie subscription for Christmas (from my in-laws), but I haven't even received my first copy yet!!! I've been in touch with them 3 times so far, but they keep giving me silly excuses - they're having warehouse problems, I live abroad, blah blah blah! Grrrr!!!
    Enjoy - and let me know if the latest issue will be worth the wait.....


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