Photo Booth!

I'm so happy with how the photo booth turned out and it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun with it!!  I think the pictures will make a great guest book!  We had people write a message on a slip of paper so that they could be placed with the strips of photos in the guest book.  Since we didn't have a printer set up during the reception, guests will receive their pictures in their thank you card!

My dad is the real hero of this project.  All I did is tell him what I wanted it to look like, and he made it even better than what I had pictured!  The finished dimensions were four feet wide by eight feet long, and he made it so it could be unscrewed and screwed back together to make transporting and storage easier.  So now we can set it up for different parties, and since we decided to paint it white we can just decorate it differently depending on the occasion!  How fun is that!?  The striped shower curtain in combination with the colorful fabric bunting my sister and mom made, really made it!

On the inside my dad made a small detachable shelf about five feet high with a screw and wing nut to directly attach a camera.  I bought an AC adaptor for my camera so I could keep it plugged in and on all night.  The camera was programmed to take four shots after five seconds, so all people had to do was press the shutter button, (I made a little sign with the instructions on how to do it).  I put a bright green sticker on the shutter button which I thought helped people find the right button.  We also had a vintage suitcase in there with all of the props to choose from.

The more people we crammed in, the better!!!

The only thing I'm bummed about is that we forgot to hang christmas lights over the top of it, so once night hit it was so dark inside the booth....  Oh well, next time!


  1. What a brilliant idea- and such ace photos too!
    Looks like everyone had a blast!!

  2. What fun you had. We are all still here. Glad to see you back.

  3. Hey Cousin!

    It's Steph. Love your blog. & your name.

    Loved the pictures really wish i could have been there.

    Love you.



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