As if you haven't seen enough rocks.... But, 135 rocks done!!!  The guest list is at 134, so there is an extra for good luck.  (Who are we kidding, it's for any potential change!)  So here are a few of the last rocks, and of course they were made from the rocks that kept getting picked over because of their strange and more difficult shapes...

(I'm using the atlas paper in the next wedding project, which I should be able to post soon!)


  1. I'm going to have to go on a rock hunt this fall while up in Door County that for sure. So fun.

  2. Wow the rocks are awesome, guests are going to love them!

  3. I love them. I want to pick them up and see them!
    Well done- I bet you're dreaming about rocks!

  4. can you suggest a pattern or two for these rocks,they are soo darling! If you are interested in seeing some more incredible work as far as rocks go, please go and visit Ressurection Fern website,some really amazing rocks from all over the world,with accompanying stories,donated by a world audience! I would just love to know how to make one,for a special grave...

    1. Hi, I mostly just make up the rocks as I go, but sometimes I just start with a pattern that is made in a round and finish it with loops of chain stitches to fit it to the rock. Actually, my first attempt at these I used a pattern by Margaret Oomen of Ressurection Fern, called Lacy River Rocks, which was in the Sept/Oct 2009 issue of Crochet Today. I thought the instructions were very good. I hope this helps, but if you have more questions, just email me! I'd be happy to help!


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