More Wedding Details

Here's the board of escort cards.  This is my only picture of the board with all the buttons still on it.  Now, I absolutely love my Zumi camera, but it's better for more fun/artsy photos, (and for just throwing in your pocket), so I'm afraid it's not really showing how beautifully bright and colorful all the clothespins and buttons were....  But thanks to my cousin Robin, I have a few more picture to share!

The escort cards each had a button pin that was covered in fabric (so easy to make especially with a few crafty friends!), and the guests then had to match the fabric on their button to their table with corresponding napkins.  The clothespin board was inspired by the book Handmade Weddings, and my sister came up with the fabric button and napkin idea.  Our Gram made most of the napkins with some help from a couple of our Aunts.  They turned out so cute!  With the leftover fabric from the napkins, my mom and sister made buntings that we hung on the food tables, on the tent behind the head table, and on the photo booth.

Crocheted jars went on the table with our handmade pinwheels and sparklers, crocheted rocks adorned (ok, held down) the plates, and the favor boxes had little s'more kits inside.  (However, more people left the favor boxes and instead were taking everything else from the table... jars, candleholders, napkins...  it was quite funny.)

Since Gin and Jarrod asked for help with their honey moon in lieu of gifts, I think the steamer trunk worked great!  I bought an old atlas at our local library sale, and we used the pages to cover the front of some cardboard letters, and to make the "thank you" bunting.  With some baker's twine and tiny little red clothespins, we hung some of their engagement pictures.  For a final touch we added an old globe because, well, it was cute.

Our friend Kristen made the most DELICIOUS cakes!!!!!!  She made one cake for each table, and a three layered one for the head table (that's like 18 or 19 cakes!!!)!  We made little paper bunting toppers for the guest tables with bamboo skewers, baker's twine and scrapbook paper.  My dad made all of the cake plates out of cedar logs.  Very simple but very cute I thought!  Now I just have to hunt up a picture of the big cake!!!

And the dance floor!!!  Nehill, Emery and Sam spent hours getting the christmas lights and paper lanterns up.  They did such a great job!  It looked so magical once it got dark out!

To be continued...  I still want to show you Gin's fabric flower bouquet, the felt boutonnieres she made for the boys, and the bride and groom cake topper!


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